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Aerochine sells to Bell Aviation Pioneer sells service facility to US giant

Zhenjiang, China (15 July, 2020) - Aerochine Aviation, a portfolio company of Dragon General Aviation Group, sold its leading China MRO business Zhenjiang Aerochine Aviation Limited to Bell Textron.

The acquisition enables Bell to directly provide MRO services to all operational models, including Bell 505, Bell 407, Bell 429, Bell 412 and legacy models, to operators in China.

“In celebrating Aerochine’s 10-year anniversary as a Bell Independent Representative, the sale of the MRO operation is a vote of confidence in, and recognition of, the company’s contribution to the China market. We will continue to work alongside Bell to serve our customers,” said Diana Chou, Founder & Chairman of Aerochine. Founded in 2016, the Aerochine Zhenjiang MRO was as part 145 company certified by the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC). In November of that year, the company was appointed as an authorized customer service center (CSF) by Bell. Zhenjiang Aerochine was a wholly-owned subsidiary of Aerochine Aviation Limited. In 2009, Aerochine was appointed as an authorized Independent Representative of Bell in China.

"Bell is known worldwide for its industry leading support and services, and this milestone will enhance our award-winning customer service in China," said Michael Reagan, Director of Bell Support & Services - International. "The growing fleet in China warrants an in-house Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) MRO center, so we decided to further increase our investment in China.

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